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[Video] Components of a Traditional Water Filter & Spin Out Sediment Filter

By Braedlyn McEwen

In a filtration system, you will find either a traditional sediment filter unit, a spin out sediment filter or separator or in some cases, both. At first glance, you can tell that they are not the same as they have some obvious differences in regards to their appearance. Below, we take a look at the components of each filter unit to help you understand the differences. 

We have included pictures with each component to make it easy to identify what we are talking about. Keep in mind, especially when it comes to the traditional filter, that there are other options for housings and cartridges, we have only showed one of each. 

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Traditional Water Filter Components

2022 04 20 Traditional


Filter Head: The filter head includes a FPT inlet connection where the non-filtered water enters14FHPT-GH07-1 into the filter bowl and through the filter cartridge, eventually flowing out through the FPT outlet connection. The filter head incorporates a top knife style seal that successfully seals against the top of the filter cartridge. The filter head also includes mounting pads to secure the mounting brackets to the filter unit and an air release button, as seen in the picture. 

Filter Bowl: The filter bowl is the container that holds the filter cartridge. The filter head is14FHPT-GB-20B threaded onto the bowl and is securely sealed using an O-ring. The filter bowl has a knife style seal on the bottom of the bowl, opposite of the filter head. Having the knife style seal accurately seals the filter cartridge. The filter bowl also incorporates ribs that allow engagement of the filter wrench to tighten or loosen the filter bowl when replacing the cartridge. Available in both clear an opaque blue bowls, the clear filter bowls allow visual inspection of the cartridge but the opaque bowls typically have a life expectancy of 10 years vs a life expectancy of 5 years for the clear filter bowls. 14-SWP1-01

Filter Cartridge: The filter cartridge is where the actual filtering process takes place. There are a variety of cartridges available for specific applications. The cartridge you choose is solely depended on what you need filtered. 

Filter Bowl Wrench: The filter bowl wrench is used to engage with the ribs on the filter bowl to14A-GFW-01-1 provide a good grip to accurately remove the filter head from the filter bowl. By using the filter bowl wrench, it provides additional force for not only loosening the bowl, but tightening it as well. 14A-MBG-03

Mounting Bracket: The mounting bracket is used to secure the filter unit to the wall. 

Important Note: Not ever filter is sold as a kit that would include the filter bowl wrench or the mounting bracket and hardware. Buying the items as a kit is more cost effective and it reduces any ordering errors. 

Spin Out Sediment Filter & Separator Components 

2022 04 20 Spin Out 2

Above picture showing brackets and hardware for 1" and picture below showing bracket and hardware for 1-1/2" & 2".

2022 04 20 Spin Out

Spin Out Filter Head: The spin out filter head has an inlet connection where the unfiltered water14SF-FH20-BII enters into the filter bowl, travels through the stainless steel filter element and out through the outlet connection. The filter head has a socket type seal that properly seals against an O-ring on the filter element. Sizes 1-1/2" and 2" have mounting pads on the filter head to secure the mounting bracket to the filter unit. 14SF-FB20

Spin Out Filter Bowl: Similar to the above traditional filter bowl, the spin out filter bowl holds the filter element and seals using an O-ring. The bowl also includes ribs on the outside to provide added grip to allow for hand tightening and loosening on the filter bowl when replacing the filter element. 14SF-SE15SM040

Spin Out Filter Element/ Separator Element: The filter element for both the spin out filter and the spin out separator have a PVC core that is wrapped with stainless steel mesh screen. The mesh rating determines the size of particulate that will be filtered out of the water. 

Spin Out Mounting Bracket: The mounting brackets are used to secure the filter unit to the wall. The 1" filter unit has plastic brackets and the 1-1/2" & 2" filter units have metal brackets. See photos above. 0929-05

PVC Ball Valve: The PVC ball valve gives you the ability to purge the sediment that accumulates at the bottom of the filter bowl. 

In Conclusion: 

Although traditional sediment filters and spin out filters and separators have similarities as seen above, they include different components which adds to their differences. Ultimately, when choosing your filter unit, it is determined by what you require the filter unit for. 

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