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Gate valves may not be used as often as they were in the past since ball valves started becoming more and more popular, but...

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Tags: Plumbing, Pool and Spa, Irrigation,

Tank tees are a sleek and easy way of connecting multiple parts to the pressure tank. By including a tank tee, you eliminate...

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Tags: Water Well, Tank Tees

Malleable iron, just like cast iron is produced by a casting method but they are actually quite different from each other....

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Tags: Plumbing, HVAC, Industrial,

In-ground swimming pools are a staple in warm areas of the world but are also found all over. They come in different shapes...

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Tags: Pool and Spa

Heat Shrink Kit or Splice Kit? Both are correct, they are actually the same! Splice kits are typically referred to as heat...

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Tags: Water Well, Heat Shrink Kit

A sump pump is designed to collect and eliminate any water that can accumulate beneath a basement floor before the water can...

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Tags: Sump Pump Check Valves, Sump and Sewage

Air volume controls are designed for both shallow and deep well installations. Both applications have specific types of air...

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Tags: Air Volume Controls

We created a webinar to educate you and your team on Temperature and Pressure ratings and explain how it applies to malleable...

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Tags: Ball Valves, Fittings, Webinar,

Cable ties are small and mighty. Definitely not the star of any show, but extremely important and helpful especially when it...

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Tags: Water Well, Cable Ties