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Brass push-fit fittings save you a lot of time. They are easy to install, require very few tools, there is no flame or solvents...

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Tags: Fittings, Brass, Push Fit Fittings

Flanges are a simple product that you have most likely ran into before. They can be found any where from plumbing applications to...

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Tags: Fittings, Malleable Iron, Flange,

When the pressure rating goes up, the temperature goes down, when the temperature goes up, the pressure rating goes down. This is...

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Tags: Ball Valves, Fittings, Webinar,

What are plastic Twistloc fittings? Plastic Twistloc fittings blend push fit and twist locking technology for a leak free...

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Tags: Fittings, Twistloc

Did you know that there are a variety of pipe nipples available? Pipe Nipples can be found with a wide range of connection...

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Tags: Fittings, Stainless Steel, Malleable Iron,

What are plastic quick connect fittings? A plastic quick connect fitting is a durable fitting that is ideal for use in water...

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Tags: Water Filtration, Fittings, Plastic Quick Connect Fittings

What are push fit fittings? A push fit fitting is a compression type of fitting with an easy installation process and a...

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Tags: Fittings, Plumbing, Brass,

It’s #CustomerServiceWeek! Every year, Customer Service Week takes place during the first full work week in October. To...

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Plastic piping and threaded fittings are extremely reliable at providing a leak free service. Issues with stress cracking of PVC...

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Tags: Fittings, PVC