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There are a variety of pressure switches on the market, each one having special features that are specifically designed for...

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Tags: Sump and Sewage, Water Well, Pressure Switch,

In this Webinar, we take a look at what a pressure switch is and explore the different types of pressure switches that Boshart...

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Tags: Water Well, Pressure Switch, Webinar

Do you have a question? Maybe our Quality Assurance team has the answers you’re looking for. We sat down with Will Bender, our...

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Tags: Water Filtration, Yard Hydrants, Plumbing,

Ever look at some parts and wonder "Where does this belong?" or "How do these parts work together?" In a submersible pump...

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Tags: Water Filtration, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch,

Pressure switches are designed to automatically sense when the pressure has changed. They are used widely in the Water Well...

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Tags: Pressure Gauge, Water Well, Pressure Switch