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Relief valves are designed to create the proper pressure within your tank, ensuring there isn't a build-up of too much pressure....

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Tags: Relief Valves, Water Well

Torque arrestors may be hidden underground in your well, but that doesn't mean they aren't important. When installed, torque...

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Tags: Water Well, Torque Arrestors

What is the purpose of a well point? Commonly referred to as Sand Points, Drive Points or Drive Well Points, well points are...

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Tags: Water Well, Irrigation, PVC Well Points

There are a variety of pressure switches on the market, each one having special features that are specifically designed for...

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Tags: Sump and Sewage, Water Well, Pressure Switch,

Electrical tape. A simple product right? Well, it might be. When the electrical tape is properly applied, it can be a valuable...

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Tags: Sump and Sewage, Water Well, Irrigation,

To celebrate our 65th anniversary, we thought it'd be fun to take a look at the past, present and future of Boshart Industries....

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Tags: Plumbing, Water Well, Industrial,

In this Webinar, we take a look at what a pressure switch is and explore the different types of pressure switches that Boshart...

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Tags: Water Well, Pressure Switch, Webinar

Do you have a question? Maybe our Quality Assurance team has the answers you’re looking for. We sat down with Will Bender, our...

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Tags: Water Filtration, Yard Hydrants, Plumbing,

By Melissa Bender On August 12, 2020

Ready Cut Pipe

What’s the difference between a pipe nipple and ready cut pipe? To put it simply, a pipe nipple is a piece of pipe under 18”...

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Tags: Plumbing, Water Well, Waterworks,