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Take Action This Water Monitoring Day

By Melissa Bender

What is Water Monitoring Day?

It’s no secret that water pollution and protection is a problem. According to Philipe Cousteau, Co-founder and President of EarthEcho International, “our water resources are at risk all over the planet.”


In partnership with EarthEcho International, Water Monitoring Day was created to raise awareness about water pollution and provide tools for protecting water resources around the world. It takes place every year on September 18.

This Water Monitoring Day, participate in the EarthEco Water Challenge. The first step is to test your water with a simple test kit. After testing, the second step is to enter the data online so you can be a part of the solution for clean water. Lastly, after you’ve shared the results of your test online, it’s time to take action and protect the water resources in your community.

Take Action

There are plenty of ways you can take action and protect your local waterways.

Reduce Plastic Use

In 2018, Global News reported that every year, about 8-million tons of plastic ends up in oceans. Not only does plastic reduce water quality and contaminate natural habitats, but it harms marine life too.


Help keep streams, rivers, lakes and oceans clean by reducing the amount of plastic you use. Instead of using single-use plastic products like plastic water bottles, disposable plastic plates and plastic bags, opt for reusable and recyclable products whenever possible.

Check Your Sump Pump

Make sure your sump system isn’t draining into the sanitary sewer system. Contaminants from ground water, like chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides or animal feces, can end up in your sump pit so it’s important that your sump pump is draining water to an appropriate location.

WWS---Municiple-SewerFor more on sump systems, check out our webinar on sump pump check valves or our blog post on why sump pump check valves are important.

Clean Up Waterways

Garbage has no place in our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. Environmental non-profit San Diego Coastkeeper and beach towel company Sand Cloud agree. A few years ago, they partnered up for a beach cleanup. Watch the video of their cleanup here.

You too can volunteer with a local environmental organization in your area for a water cleanup. It can also be as simple as picking a body of water, gathering some friends and family members together and making a day of picking up litter! Be sure to bring gloves and garbage bags, and make sure you have a way to secure the bags and transport the garbage too.

Get Involved

Speak up about the water issues in your community. In the Township of Centre Wellington, a group of residents started Save Our Water to protect local water resources from bottled water companies. Join groups working to protect bodies of water in your community. Make donations to organizations fighting water pollution. Vote for political candidates who advocate for the protection of local waterways.


Hopefully, you have learned something about Water Monitoring Day and are inspired to take action! For more on improving water quality and what you can do, check out our blog post on 8 tips for improving water quality.

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