Water Well All About the Different Types of Safety Rope

Safety rope is included in submersible pump installations to provide, you guessed it, safety. Safety rope may not be the star of the show, but it is still playing it parts to ensure all around safety for the equipment. Did you know there are actually different types of rope that can handle various weights?

In this blog, we will go over what job the safety rope has, the different types of safety rope and explore a feature that will make installing the rope a walk in the park. Let's dive right in!

Safety Rope

Safety rope connects to the submersible pump and secures directly to the well head. The safety ropes main function is to prevent any pipe separation which could result in the pump being lost at the bottom of the well. Safety rope can also be a back up to enable the installer to pull the pump from the well just in case the riser pipe fails or the connection gets separated. It is recommended that every pump should have safety rope secured to the well head before hanging it in the well.

When selecting what rope you require, you should keep in mind the weight of the pump, piping and wire. The safety rope should be large enough to support the weight of the equipment. If you are using galvanized pipe instead of poly pipe, you will need to take into factor that your rope will need to be able to hold the extra weight.

There are three different types of safety rope and each are designed to handle a variety of weights.

Hollow Braid PolypropyleneSRPB-14-500

Hollow Braid Polypropylene rope is 1/4" in diameter and has the tensile strength of 975 lbs. This type of rope comes in three different lengths, 500, 1000 & 3000 ft.

TSRPT-14wisted Polypropylene

Twisted polypropylene safety rope comes in 1/4" - 3/4" diameters and has a tensile strength or 1120lbs to 7650lbs. Twisted rope is available in lengths of 200 to 1300 ft, depending on the diameter.

Nylon Solid Braid


The nylon solid braid safety rope comes in 1/4" to 3/8" diameters and has a tensile strength of 1200lb to 2700lb. The nylon solid braid rope is only available in one length which is 1000 ft reels.

Rope Hangers

A rope hanger provides an easy method of attaching safety rope securely to the well casing. You install the rope hanger at the top of the well casing, it does not rely on the structural strengths of any of the other well components. Rope hangers do not obstruct the well cap from being properly installed, the well cap fits over the rope hanger and goes onto the well casing.

Fun fact, rope hangers were actually invented by Mel Boshart and are only available at Boshart Industries!

The rope hanger can easily be removed from the well and set aside when you need to pull the pump from the well to service or replace. Rope hangers are designed to meet the needs of well system installers that are looking for an easy method of attaching safety rope firmly to the well head, rather then the safety rope fastening directly to the rope or to other internal components.


Who ever thought rope would play such an important role? When it comes to safety, there shouldn't be any skipping corners. Including a rope hanger ensures a smooth installation with little to no worries. Be sure to keep rope hangers in mind the next time you go to install a safety rope in a submersible pump installation.

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