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Ready Cut Pipe

By Melissa Bender

What’s the difference between a pipe nipple and ready cut pipe? To put it simply, a pipe nipple is a piece of pipe under 18” long. On the other hand, when a short piece of pipe is over 18” long, it is called ready cut pipe.

In this blog post, we will discuss the difference between a pipe nipple and ready cut pipe. Then, we will look at the different types of ready cut pipe.

What is a Pipe Nipple?

SS316N-1230 (top)

In the plumbing industry, a pipe nipple is a short fitting. It consists of a piece of pipe under 18” long. Usually, a pipe nipple has male threads at either end for connecting to other fittings.


What is Ready Cut Pipe?

Generally speaking, ready cut pipe refers to a nipple that is longer than 18”. Ready cut pipe comes pre-cut and threaded meaning there’s no need to cut or thread on the job. In other words, there’s no need to worry about trying to cut through stainless steel, which can be difficult and requires the correct tools and technique due to the strength of the material. Ready cut pipe saves time and increases productivity, since it comes ready to install and is hassle-free.

Types of Ready Cut Pipe

There are four different types of ready cut pipe: black, galvanized, brass and stainless steel. Each type of material has their own uses and benefits.

Black Ready Cut PipeBLRCP-05180

Black ready cut pipe should only be used for residential and commercial oil and gas applications. It is not to be used for water. Here at Boshart, black ready cut pipe comes in sizes 1/8” to 4” and in lengths from 14” to 72”.



Galvanized Ready Cut Pipe

Galvanized ready cut pipe is typically used for residential water and drainage applications. Compared to stainless steel, galvanized is more affordable but doesn’t quite compare with the strength of stainless steel. It is best used for smaller-budget residential projects. Similar to black ready cut pipe, galvanized is available in sizes 1/8” to 4” and in lengths from 14” to 72”.


Brass Ready Cut Pipe

Brass ready cut pipe can be used for residential water applications. It’s a softer metal which makes it easy to work with. Since it can bend easily, using brass might reduce the amount of connectors and fasteners needed for a project, therefore, cutting down the cost on both hardware and installation.


Stainless Steel Ready Cut Pipe

Stainless steel ready cut pipe can be used for residential, commercial and industrial water applications. Compared to black, galvanized and brass, stainless steel is the strongest material. Though it is more expensive, stainless steel is durable, corrosion-resistant and can withstand higher pressure. Thanks to these properties, stainless steel can be used in some chemical applications too.

Stainless Steel Ready Cut Pipe at Boshart

Here at Boshart Industries, we carry 304 and 316 stainless steel ready cut pipe. As stated above, it comes pre-cut and threaded so there’s no need to worry about cutting or threading in the field. It is available in sizes ½” to 2” and in lengths from 18” to 120”. Check out the technical sheet here for more information.

Hopefully, you’ve found this blog post helpful, and have learned something both interesting and useful about pipe nipples and ready cut pipe. Please feel free to refer to this blog post before starting your next project involving ready cut pipe. 

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