Water Well Why Not All Tank Tees are Created Equal

Tank tees are a sleek and easy way of connecting multiple parts to the pressure tank. By including a tank tee, you eliminate the clutter surrounding your pressure tank which ultimately lowers your stress level as all parts are easy to access. But not all tank tees are created the same. Tank tees are available in a variety of different materials as certain applications require a specific material. 

In this post, we take a walk through the different material options for tank tees and go through the importance of each material to help you better identify the tank tee that you need for your particular application. Let's take a look.


What are Tank Tees?

79894160_484211685552923_4107974448680796160_nTank tees are a multi port fitting that are designed to connect a tank to the water system. Multi port allows for just one fitting to do the same job as eight or more pipe fittings, creating a neater and easier installation. You can find tank tees in brass, bronze, galvanized, stainless steel, PVC and they come in both union and non-union designs.

Tank tees are available in a variety of lengths to mirror the diameter of the pressure tank. Typically, all tanks have a FPT (Female Pipe Thread) connection located at the centre bottom of the tank. Tank diameters are usually 16", 21", 24", 30" and 36".

Union Tank Tees

07TK-14X1-2UNLUnion tank tees are designed in many different configurations to adapt to a broad variety of pre-charged or bladder type pressure tanks. If the tank happens to fail, the pressure tank can be removed and replaced very quickly and easily with no need to redo the plumbing and electrical connections to the pressure switch.

Union tank tees make the installation and repair processes hassle free. The standard AS568 O-rings provide a water tight seal with no need to worry about the connections leaking. Union tank tees can be tightened or loosened even with the inlet or outlet connections plumbed.


Stainless Steel Tank Tees07ST-8-2

Stainless solid tank tees are stronger than both brass and bronze and there is less of a chance of splitting with a stainless tank tee. Stainless tank tees are also made from non corrosive 300 series stainless and are a high quality investment casting which equals a more uniform casting. The downfall of stainless steel tank tees is they do cost more compared to the brass or bronze tank tees.

Brass Solid Tank Tees


Brass solid tank tees are lower cost compared to the above stainless tank tees and the heavy duty brass tees but they are  competitive in the market against other brass solid tank tees. Brass solid tank tees do have a lighter wall design which means they will have a lower life expectancy in any aggressive water applications compared to the stainless steel tank tees.

Galvanized Tank Tees

Galvanized tank tees are very strong and resist cracking. They are lower cost than stainless, 07HC125Gbrass and bronze and they are suitable for galvanized tank installation. It is important to use similar metals to eliminate corrosion caused by galvanic action between the tank tee and the tank. Galvanized tank tees, have to be used in conjunction with a pipe nipple and they have a limited range of styles to choose from. You should also ensure that galvanized tank tees are suitable to be used in your area, as not all provinces allow for the use of galvanized tank tees.

PVC Tank Tees

07PT-25-2PVC tank tees are the lowest cost tank tee compared to all the other materials and they are non-corrosive. A downside is, they are not nearly are strong as metal tank tees and similar to the galvanized tank tees, the PVC tank tees have a limited range of styles that are available.

Each tank tee has it's benefits and disadvantages but each one is built for specific applications. Refer to this list when selecting a tank tee and it will help you determine which tank tee you require the job.


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