Water Well Boshart VS Baker: Industrial Pitless Units

When designing a new product, the customer's needs take priority. Creating a quality product demands a design strategy ensuring all factors are considered and the outcome of the product simplifies the daily lives of our valuable customers.

In this blog post, we have dissected the industrial pitless features to provide you with all the important information regarding Boshart pitless units. We have also provided a chart that accurately compares our unit to a Baker Monitor unit.

Designing the Industrial Pitless Units

During the early designing stages, any suggestions or concerns regarding pitless units were taken into consideration. The direction of the design was heavily dependant on what our customers required. Tons of research took place to determine what feedback could become a reality, and how exactly that was going to happen.

An original design was created in 2014. After receiving customer feedback, we went back to the drawing board to create a pitless unit that best suited our customers needs. A new unit was launched in 2019, releasing a unit that is very competitive in the market. Baker created a side by side analysis of our old pitless unit compared to their unit, Feature Comparison- Boshart Pitless Adapter "Kit" vs Monitor Pitless Unit. Throughout the post, comparisons will be made between our new pitless unit and the Baker Monitor unit.

To start, we have created a chart that compares our industrial pitless unit to a Monitor unit. As you can see in the chart, there are similarities, but also some major differences.

Boshart vs Baker Monitor

Boshart vs Baker 11


The Boshart Difference

Original Design

The unit that we launched in 2014 was quite different from our current unit. The original unit had three options for the lift out pipe; spider arrestor, hold down hooks and nothing but the lift out pipe. A spider arrestor prevents rotation or lift out of the pump column. It is part of the lift pipe assembly used to lower the unit into the ground. We made the decision to eliminate the spider arrestor and make the hold down system standard because the spider arrestor could not gurantee safety. It relied heavily on how tight the bolts were turned. If the bolts were not tightened enough, it could slip and result in damage to the equipment or cause injury.

Another feature the original unit had was flange connections. The flange style was not acceptable in all State's well codes. We made the decision to incorporate the weld on style as a standard as it is accepted in all codes. We do still offer the flange style if your particular application requires it.

After listening to customers feedback, the decision was made to eliminate the round through pipes. We made the switch to the large crescent shape through passages to allow for more room for larger flat jacket pump cable to go through the spool without removal of the protective jacket. Our crescent shaped through passages are the largest in the industry allowing installers to insert probe tubes, additional equipment and accessories through the spool.


One piece of feedback that we received on the well cap design is that the gaskets should be UV resistant. Since the lower part of the assembly never gets taken off, the gaskets could become brittle over time. Our industrial well caps have been specially designed with a system which protects the gaskets from UV exposure ensuring their longevity.

Complies With All Codes

The transition to weld on connections complies with all codes in all areas of the US and Canada. In addition all of our units are 24" above ground, as some areas make this mandatory and is protected from flooding.  No matter where you are located, every unit will comply making ordering easy and stress free.  Boshart is eager to work with local codes to gurantee our units meet the requirements of all well codes across North America.

Quick Turnaround

Boshart standard units ensure you are getting the best. The ordering process is simple and turn around is extremely quick compared to others. On the majority of our units the lead time is approximately 3 weeks, compared to others this is quicker by half. We also keep popular units, both ductile and stainless, in stock and both materials are competitively priced.

Stainless steel units are rapidly gaining market share due to availability, competitiveness and longer life expectancy, especially in areas where water quality is poor.

"In a very short time, the stainless steel Boshart pitless units have completely redefined our marketplace with their exceptional design features, flexibility and exceptional delivery." - Boshart customer from Winnipeg, MB


Like I mentioned before, all of our pitless units provide a hold down system standard. The pods double as restraints for lifting straps to ensure safety during the installation process.


All of our parts are interchangeable, meaning that if you purchase a unit today and require a replacement spool in the future, any of our spools regardless of material or if it's a normal well or flowing well, will be interchangeable with that housing. Therefore, there is no need for a serial number to identify a suitable replacement part. 

Most companies identify their units using a serial number system which requires you to keep the serial number on hand to match with the number that is on file to find out information about the unit. If you require a replacement, the serial number will be used to manufacture the replacement part.


Our units are equipped with aluminum tags to simply identify the unit that is located in the lift out bail. The lift out bail is the hoop on top of the lift out pipe for which cranes lifting hook is attached. The tag provides the model number, purchase order number, order entry number and date, which makes it easy for the installer to determine the bury depth, the material etc. By including the tag in the lift out bail, there is no need to remove the pump column to determine what is buried.

New Kids on the Block

Monitor products have been around for 67 years and counting. They are very established in the water well industry. Boshart industries is starting to break into new territory, our pitless units are steadily gaining acceptance by being specified by many engineering firms across North America. We are happy to work with engineering firms or other authorities having jurisdiction over State or Provincial well construction codes to have our pitless units recognized as an equal and added to State approved product listings where applicable.


At Boshart, our goal was to create a pitless unit that put our customer's needs first. We created a unit that is installer friendly and innovative. We appreciate all feedback and look forward to continuously provide you with the highest quality products. 

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