Sump and Sewage What the Heck is a Low Pressure Cut-Off Switch?

There are a variety of pressure switches available on the market, so how do you know which is the right one for your application? Low Pressure cut-off switches include all the same features found in our standard pressure switches. However, they do provide some added safety and security that other switches may not.

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What is a Low Cut-Off Pressure Switch?


When the pressure in your system drops to approximately 10 PSI below Picture1-Oct-11-2023-03-53-10-0281-PMthe set cut-in point, the switch will open to turn off the pump. Once the condition has been relieved, the manual lever is turned to the start position. When the pressure is restored, the switch will resume normal operation.

The low pressure cut-off remains fixed at 10 PSI below the low pressure cut-in setting for the pressure switch. Although it is not independently adjustable, it will follow the low pressure set point.

20-40 Switch Setting:    Low Pressure Cut-Off activated at approx. 10 PSI

30-50 Switch Setting:    Low Pressure Cut-Off activated at approx. 20 PSI

40-60 Switch Setting:    Low Pressure Cut-Off activated at approx. 30 PSI

Low pressure cut-off switches also have an automatic on-off feature that helps in preserving the life of your pump. Making this a more efficient choice for your system.


What makes a Low Pressure Cut-Off Switch Different?


A low pressure cut-off switch is designed specifically to turn off once your system pressure falls 10 PSI below the cut-in setting. With a standard switch, if you were to have any kind of leak or break in your water line your system pressure would drop, causing your pump to turn on and stay on, which could result in flooding in your home or business. The beauty of the Low Pressure Cut-Off Switch is that once that system pressure hits the 10 PSI mark below the cut-in setting it turns your pump off. This ensures that your home or business remains protected from any unnecessary water damage.


How to use a low pressure cut-off switch


For the initial start-up of pressure systems using a Low Pressure Cut-Off Switch, you must manually engage the switch by holding the contacts closed and the lever at the START position. Once your pump builds the necessary pressure in the tank, to within 10 PSI of the cut-in pressure setting of the switch, normal function will resume. Our pressure switches also have an OFF position if you need to shut your pump down completely.





In conclusion, if you are looking for a pressure switch that provides both efficiency and security then the low pressure cut-off switch might be the right choice for you. 

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