Fittings How Stainless Steel PEX fittings will Improve Your Plumbing Business

We have been advised that we can’t promise that using Stainless Steel PEX fittings instead of plastic or brass fittings is going to put money in your pocket, so we won’t.  
But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to give you our list of reasons why we think these fittings are going to grow your plumbing business. 

Much to our dismay, there are no secret shortcuts to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It involves hard work and careful planning, and we think a part of that careful planning ought to involve changing over to Stainless Steel PEX fittings moving forward. 
 Following are 6 reasons we think you’re going to want to hear about how ditching plastic and brass PEX fittings and switching to Stainless Steel fittings are going to make your business better. 

Check out the video for more information on why Stainless Steel is the future of the PEX industry. 


1. Reduce inventory and clutter by stocking one product line instead of two! (Brass & Plastic) 

We all know what a pain it is to constantly be ordering parts. When you work with both plastic and brass fittings, you’ve now got two inventories to stock all the time. A single line of stainless reduces the clutter in your service vehicles.  
What happens when you’re out on a job site and you run out of plastic fittings? You need something that’s corrosion resistant because of the quality of the water.  Do you cut a corner, and use brass... because “Who’s really going to notice?” Of course not. You’re a plumber who takes pride in your work! When this happens you waste time making an extra trip to pick up the plastic fittings you’re missing. 
If you stocked Stainless Steel PEX fittings exclusively, this becomes something you no longer need to worry about. There’s less confusion when ordering parts for your jobs, and there’s less headache spent trying to figure out, “What does the water quality of this job mean for the fittings I use?”. 


2. It’s a conversation starter

Running a business is difficult at the best of times, and with the sheer number of plumbers out there, you need any opportunity you can get to stand out from the pack. 
We’re not arguing that you start using Stainless Steel PEX and your business is going to change overnight, but it’s another opportunity to have conversations with your staff, other business owners, builders, and homeowners about the new product you’re using and why. 
When you do things differently, people take notice. You have the chance to educate others on leading edge products and why your business works with it.  
Any opportunity—big or small—to differentiate you and your business and educate people about how you do things differently than the next guy, is only going to help.


3. It’s the best of the best; like your business

What kind of truck or vehicle do you drive? Was it the cheapest rust bucket you could find? Or was it something you’re proud to pull up on the job site in? 
You chose your truck or vehicle because you inherently understand two things: 
a. What tools you use say something about you 
b. Not all tools are created equal. 
Could you have found a cheaper one to get you around? Sure. But you don’t use the cheapest of the cheap, because that’s not who you are as a businessman. 
So why use the cheapest of the cheap plumbing parts? It’s the same principle. Of course, there is a time and place to save money and shave back pennies to increase your profit margin. But we firmly believe that the reputation you earn (#6) as a plumber that does the job right is going to be far more valuable than the couple bucks you might save by buying the cheapest PEX fittings. 


4. It creates better plumbing systems

Hand in hand with the last argument, Stainless Steel PEX creates better plumbing systems. It’s a fact. 
How is it better than plastic or brass? 
Stainless Steel is much stronger than brass! In a test we performed, we found that a brass elbow failed (broke) at 140lbs of force, whereas our Stainless-Steel fitting only bent at 240lbs of force. We’re not mathematicians, but that’s not a small margin we’re talking about.  We all know the impacts of water hammer and how it can wreak havoc on a plumbing system.  

Increased Flow Rate 
Plastic crimp fittings have a thicker wall in order to make up for being weaker than metal. This results in a smaller internal diameter than their metal counterparts, and over the course of an entire plumbing system, this reduction in flow becomes more apparent. Metal fittings have larger flow passages increasing the flow and maximizing pressure throughout the system. 
Corrosion Resistant 
Stainless Steel PEX Fittings are going to hold up much better over time, and with our 30-year warranty, we stand behind that promise. This is especially true when doing installation is areas with poor water quality which can be highly corrosive.   
Less Friction Loss  

Our unique sweep design of our Stainless-Steel elbows reduces turbulence and friction loss in the fitting improving flow rates 

We could go on, but we think you get the idea. There are numerous ways that Stainless-Steel PEX fittings outperform both plastic and brass without breaking a sweat. 


5. It’s the future of the industry

Stainless Steel PEX Fittings are about to become the next big thing on the market. Boshart is the first manufacturer to market with this fantastic product, and we’re dang proud of it (as you can tell).  
Because this product has only been available on the market for a limited length of time, you have the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of a gigantic shift that’s about to take place in the market. Before it becomes the industry standard, you have the chance to use the latest and greatest in the plumbing world. 
Historically, our plumbing industry is slow to change. This is a chance for you to flip the script and get ahead of the curve. 


6. Quality builds your reputation

As a business owner, you know better than anyone how important your reputation is. Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room, it is important that what they say is good. 
Build your reputation by using the best of the best! By implementing new improved products which carry industry-leading warranties and provide countless benefits, you establish yourself as a leader. 
You don’t follow the trends, you make them. You don’t look at what the other guys are doing and follow suit, they follow you. 
Maybe it’s a little cheesy, so forgive us if so. But we believe it. You can’t afford to have a bad reputation, and Stainless Steel PEX fittings are a relatively inexpensive way to continue laying the foundation of your enduring legacy. 


In Conclusion:

Call us biased, but we believe there are significant reasons Stainless Steel PEX fittings are going to increase your business in a hurry.  
At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Do you want to be a contractor that scrapes pennies out of every opportunity to keep a buck in your pocket? Or do you want to set the standard for the rest of your industry to follow? 

Even though Stainless Steel PEX Fittings may seem like a small shift, it is another thing that sets you apart and establishes your business above others.  

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