Plumbing QA’s 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? Maybe our Quality Assurance team has the answers you’re looking for. We sat down with Will Bender, our Quality Assurance Analyst, and talked about the questions that he gets asked the most.

In this blog post, we will discuss QA’s 5 most frequently asked questions.

Question #1: Why is my yard hydrant leaking under the ground2-YH and what can I do to fix it?

Your yard hydrant could be leaking if there is a hose attached to the spout and the hose is submerged in water. If the water is at a higher elevation than the yard hydrant valve body, a siphoning effect will be created by turning off the hydrant. Gravity will force the water back through the hose and it will drain out of the drain port in the hydrant.

To solve this problem, you can remove the hose from the hydrant. You can also prevent this problem from occurring by fastening a vacuum breaker to the end of your hydrant spout.

If there is no hose, a plunger adjustment may be required. Check out our blog post on How to Adjust and Repair a Boshart Yard Hydrant for more information.

If neither of those situations are the case, then the issue is not with the hydrant. The issue is with one of the connections either going into the hydrant valve body or connecting to the piping.

Question #2: What is the cracking pressure of the check valves?17CVSS-100

0.5 PSI is required in order to open any of the Boshart check valves that we offer. This applies to all the check valves that we supply.

Question #3: How do I wire my pressure switch?


When wiring your pressure switch, please refer to the diagram on the back of the cover on the pressure switch. If you are having trouble with understanding the diagram, we highly recommend that you speak to a licensed electrician and ask them for help. Boshart Industries cannot legally give any direction or advice on wiring electrical systems.

Question #4: I am looking to replace my wall faucet stem. How do I know which size I need?

The wall faucet size is determined by the length that will go through the wall when installed. This area is between the body flange and the hex on the faucet.

To determine the replacement stem needed, measure the whole length of the stem that you are replacing. Subtract 3” from the total length to determine what size of faucet the stem will fit into.



Question #5: What mesh size do I need in my sediment filter?

The size of mesh is dependent on the size of the sediment. Please refer to the chart below for more guidance.


Please note that it sometimes makes sense to filter in steps and have more than one pre-filter.

Hopefully, you’ve found this blog post helpful and informative! If you have a question that we didn’t address in this post that still needs answering, please feel free to call your inside sales representative at 519-595-4444 or 1-800-561-3164 and they will be happy to help you out.


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